Lindsey Lopez-Ibanez

Services Offered:

I received a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lenoir-Rhyne University in Asheville. My clinical background is in providing therapy services to underserved individuals in an employee assistance program, which afforded me experience with people from a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. I support individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship distress, and difficult life transitions. I also work with couples to bridge gaps in communication and learn from each other’s emotional experiences to get their needs met individually and within their partnerships. I am passionate about reconnecting people with their authentic selves, supporting their expression of emotional needs, and healing attachment wounds that create relational roadblocks. I believe that feeling stuck in our heads or in distressing patterns can be a result of a long-standing disconnection from our emotions and what they tell us about our underlying needs. I seek to support clients in their journey to trusting and learning from themselves and aligning their actions with what matters most to them in a safe and non-judgmental space. I integrate Emotion-Focused Therapy with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy while viewing the client’s struggles and concerns through an attachment-based, humanistic lens. I also incorporate mindfulness-based techniques and somatic awareness to create a holistic picture that is unique to each client, meeting them where they are at in their therapeutic journey.